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After losing their way in the Adislei Steppe, Kriv and followers came across a young faerie dragon, Cherry, in pursuit of a rabbit. After playing along with it's illusion of an alien looking rabbit. Kriv learnt that Cherry's friends where living in fear of 'the chickens', and agreed to help out the pet sized dragon and her friends. We followed Cherry to a large tree located at the bend of a valley. Cherry's tree is the size of a large oak, with many red diamond shaped flowers. After waiting till dusk, Cherrys friends, a large flock of ground nesting magpie like birds called Aidels, many offering Cherry shiny gifts. The night passed quietly as the party slept upon the plain. Kriv awakes at dawn, and heads off on his regular morning jog. Half way through his exercise, he encounters two emu like birds with heavy flat beaks (Axebeak), that manage to knock him unconscious, before Cherry tricks the birds into chasing an illusion of the alien like rabbit. Harold and Rickard take the unconscious Dragonborn to rest under the base of Cherrys tree.

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