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Kriv and followers encountered Keth at the Silver Goat in the morning. After some slightly tense negotiations between Keth and Rickard, the Half-Orc agreed to trial traveling with the party toward the capital. Kriv and Harold attended the delayed morning service at the temple of Laikah hosted by Father Stewart. Keth arrived shortly after the beginning of the ceremony. Cadence, a female half-elf added dulcimer accompaniment to the ceremony. Toward the end during the donation rounds, Keth scared the young choir boy enough to drop the donation bowl and lose control of his bladder (with a natural 20). The three men spoke with Father Stewart after the ceremony and learnt that the idol of the church's monument had been stolen. Cadence was determined to find the culprits and agreed to help the party. When inspecting the scene, Kriv found some reptilian like tracks that Keth identified as belonging to a group of Kobold. The four followed the tracks to the apparent entrance of a burrough, and while searching for things to fill the opening, encountered a group of four Thri-Kreen. Kriv fell unconscious after receiving a vicious bite yet Cadence managed to revive him. Keth with the help of Cadences magic was able to endure throughout the fight without taking any bodily damage. Kriv however fell unconscious again after suffering a few more bites. Harold supported Keth through out with suppressing arrow fire from a nearby hill top. The party managed to overcome the vicious bipedal roach men and the episode ends with the party nursing Kriv back to health.

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