Keth, Kriv, Harold, Cadence, Father Stewart, Kobold, Rickard, Thom, Boyle

The episode begins with Keth keeping a watchful eye as Harold and Cadence nurse Kriv back into consciousness. Kriv awakens and the team lead him back to town where Father Stewart, Cadence and a pair of Dwarven women heal Kriv of his poison and bind his wounds. Kriv spends the night cross legged, hardening his mind and spirit, gaining further mastery of his body. Keth and Harold spent the evening telling the patrons of the Silver goat about their marvelous battle with minimal success. The bar keep Boyle informed the two that a caravan bringing a delivery of gold was supposed to have arrived in town a few days ago and worried that they might be in trouble.

The following morning Keth, Harold, Rickard and Thom meet up with Cadence and Kriv to make a plan. Rickard decides to stay in town to find a remedy for Thoms unusual sickness. Keth, Kriv, Harold and Cadence head back to the burrow to pick up where they left off the previous day.

Keth found that the traps he laid the previous day as well as two of the four Thri-Kreen corpses, had all disappeared. The team spent a short while filling in the closer entrance before heading down the crest of a hill to the second larger entrance. The team entered the burrow with Keth in the lead. He spotted a trip wire trap connected to a makeshift club hinged to the ceiling, Cadence tried her best to disarm the trap yet made a mistake in the process, activating and being hit by the trap. The team pressed on, entering an opening with two sleeping Kobold, which they managed to slaughter before getting a chance to react. The continued further into the burrow entering into a second larger room where another 6 Kobold where ready to act, having awoken by their allies screams in death. Two of the Kobold took the party by surprise when they leaped into the air, revealing great wings allowing them to fly overhead hauling large rocks at the team before retreating to their higher vantage point. The team fought valiantly against the Kobold and with a well thrown handaxe, Keth took the life from the last breathing Kobold. The team searched the burrow, finding the church monument along with the two traps that Keth had lost. Among the loot the team found a couple of interesting potions, a set of three fine black masks, and a curious silver necklace with a large red blue feather.

Keth, Kriv, Harold and Cadence returned the monument to the incredibly excited Father Stewart, and he invited them to a private display the following morning. Keth inquired two seperate merchants about selling the masks, an elvish man offered 12 gp a piece, while a suspicious Tiefling women offered 18 gp a piece.

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