Keth, Kriv, Harold, Rickard, Cadence, Thom, Arissak, Saeleyr, Father Stewart

The scene began with the party rising early to attend the private light showing hosted by Father Stewart. Cadence plays music throughout the ceremony which accompanies magnificent colours of light that beam through the glass crystal monument as the sun crests over the horizon. After the ceremony, Cadence is incredibly excited to hear that the party are headed to the capital, and insists that she join the team on their journey.

The team paid a local wizard to teach them the properties of their magic Quall Token, which summons a ghostly Roc that is capable of carrying a load a long distance. Unfortunately, the whole team are to heavy be carried. The team left town shortly after midday to continue their journey.

Over a few days, the party skirted the edges of the desert, avoiding a group of strange sand funnels that may have posed a danger. The journey was almost uneventful, until they encountered a giant boar and it's pack a few miles south of Saeleyr. The party killed the beasts, and journeyed into town the next day.

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